Monday, July 28, 2014

Caribbean District Convention Third Call - Agenda

DST Treasa
Fellow Optimists,
Come! Create new exciting memories that you will be able to hold on to for a lifetime.
Come! You’re a good optimist but even you can admit that you could be better.  Come and be inspired.
Come to convention because the more you know, the more you can do for our youth and yourself.
Come! Witness the first steps taken by the  2014/15 STEP BY STEP Team.
Come! You know you want to!
- DST Treasa

Contact Optimist Diana 
Email: | Tel:  1 876 843 1545/1 876 843 4255
Hotel Reservations at the Convention Hotel
Remember that many of the add-on activities for this convention will take place at the Convention Hotel. 
To have access to everything your best bet is to stay onsite and IT IS affordable if you share the room with two other people.  
More than five great meals, entertainment, a bed and unlimited interaction with fellow Optimists for US$100.00 per person.  
Travelling with the group from Kingston? 
Contact Past Governor Cecille. 
Email: cecillehale@yahoo.comTel: 1 876 764 1225/1 876 379 8541 
To take part in the voting process, clubs must have paid all dues for the first two quarters. 
The list of eligible clubs will be read prior to elections and only qualified clubs will be given voting cards at registration.

Saturday August 9 Morning
PG Joe

7:30 – 8:30 Registration
7:40 – 8:45 Executive Meeting

7:50 – 9:00 Workshop 1
  • Optimism & Attitude with PG Joe
  • Communication – The key!
This two part workshop is designed to assist anyone who presently holds a leadership position in their club or who will be holding one in the future. Calling all Club Presidents, President-elects, VPs and VP elects, S/Ts and S/T Designates, current and future chairpersons, and all those who understand the importance of contributing to the process of leadership.
IPE Dave

9:10 – 10:30 Opening Session  
Guest Speaker/Presenter – International President-Elect Dave Bruns
  • “The 10 Commandments for running a district.”  

10:30 – 10: 50 Mid-Morning Snack

10:50 –  12:15 Business Session 1 and Board of Directors Meeting
  • Confirmation of LTGs and election of Governor-Elect

PG Gene
Saturday August 9 Afternoon
12:15 – 1:15 Training of Incoming Officers Part 1
  • Presidents & LtGs (combined)
  • Secretary-Treasurers’ Training (PG Gene and PDST Latoya)

12:15 – 1:15 Workshop 2

1:15 – 2:30 LUNCH

2:30 – 4:00 General Session
  • Installation of 2014/15 Step By Step Team
GE Barbara

4:00 – 5:45 Training of Incoming Officers Part 2

4:00 – 5:30 Workshop 3
  • Money Matters! … does it ever!?? with PG Joe
This workshop will incorporate two vital aspects of money management: 
  1. Managing your personal finances; and Ways to save and ways to invest.
  2. Funding club projects through OI Grants and by identifying other regional and international funding agencies and opportunities.
Saturday August 9 Evening Activities TBA

Sunday August 10 Morning
7:30 – 8:15 Sunrise Praise & Worship
    PDST Latoya
  • Being just as enthusiastic about the success of others. 
Share another member’s success story with all of us and lets join hands and give thanks.

8:30 – 9:30 Breakfast

9:30 – 10:30  It only takes a spark

Sign up to spend quality one on one time with the District Stars who have shone brightly over the years. Listen to their stories and seek their advice.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Why should I be at District Convention 2014?

Nutilia Simon
To fellowship with each other.
Experience excellent training for leadership and life long skills
Support  and encourage  each other not only as a Club/District but also through great  friendship.
Welcome the new administration with zeal and zest.
Meet our International President-Elect in true Caribbean style..
Re-energize ourselves to finish the  year with Distinction.
Dream it, Believe it , Achieve it. 
Remember "We've Got It.,"
 - Governor Nutilia

 OI-CDC 2014 | August 9 - 10 | Sunset Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios | So much to experience...  

Past Governor
Gene M. Douglas
One of our Optimist Purposes is 
"To promote patriotism and friendship among all people".  
Let us come out and fellowship with our own club members who will be among members in our zone and... meet other members in other zones.  
Convention is time for excellent training that will not only benefit us as Optimists but also in our private businesses. 
Come and meet the new administration who will be installed on Saturday night.
In addition, we will have a member from the Optimist International Office - let us welcome him Caribbean style.Yes it is going to cost some funds - if you do not wish to drive, there is the Knutsford Express being arranged by PG Cecille. For those who wish to over night find two other club members to share the cost.
Looking forward to having a good contingent at Jamaica Grande.

 Fun | Fellowship | Training | Personal Growth | Leadership | Children | The Future... 

Past International President
Theodore Golding
Members: this is your opportunity to meet in person President-Elect Dave Bruns who will be our OI Rep at our District Convention. Hear his message of how we will transform the Optimist Movement and Grow to achieve our Membership Target of 100,000 by our 100th Anniversary.
Mix and mingle with other VIP's of Optimist International and the District.
Be informed of what's going on in Optimist International.
You will be inspired.
You will be energized.
You will be a better Optimist.
See you at the Convention in Ocho Rios

STEP BY STEP... Towards being better Optimists | District Convention 2014| August 9 - 10  

The Caribbean District is in need of more well trained, knowledgeable volunteers to serve our young people. Come to convention in wonderful Ocho Rios and become a better Optimist.  We will have great fun, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  
I look forward to seeing many of you there.
- DST Designate, Jason

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Optimist International President-elect for Caribbean District Convention

Optimist Dave Bruns
IPE 2014-2015
NEWLY ELECTED International President-elect, Optimist Dave Bruns is scheduled to address delegates of the 2014 Optimist International Caribbean District Convention this August in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 
IPE Dave will be the International representative for the two-day fourth quarter confab of Caribbean Optimists set for August 9 and 10 at the all-inclusive Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa.
The convention, which is expected to be of its usual high Caribbean energy, is designed to share best practices among the clubs, offer excellent training in Optimism organisation, and promote personal growth and development, as well as strengthen the bonds that keep Optimists together.
Of course, 2013-14 district governor, Optimist Nutilia Simon will report on the We've got it year so far; and make the case for finishing strong. According to Gov Nutilia, the Q4 convention is another wonderful occasion to “validate each other and make the district grow… We have done a lot of outstanding work this year; but in the few weeks left to complete our year, let us give our new executive a legacy of growth…” 
Governor-elect Barbara is also expected to outline the way forward as we take it Step by Step into 2014-2015.
Among other highlights of OI-CDC 2014 are the usually fabulous and exciting Installation Ceremony, the engaging and uplifting board meetings, and the fiery and informational general sessions. The Opening of the convention will see the traditional fanfare recognition of the past governors and parade of Optimist International Caribbean member country flags.
Convention 2014 is also a superb platform for rejuvenation and to remind people why Optimists are indeed friends of youth and Optimism one of the best avenues for bringing out the best in our children.

For more information on convention registration, accommodation and transportation contact:

CP Diana Morrison
Email: or  | Phone: 843 1545

DST Treasa James
Email:  | Phone: 268 771 2569

PG Cecille Hale
Email: | Phone: 876-764-1225 

Optimist Javanni says thanks

PRESIDENT-ELECT of Junior Optimist Octagon International (JOOI), Javanni Waugh is expressing appreciation to his fellow junior Optimists as well as the adult Optimists who supported and guided his path to the prestigious pole position he now holds.
The past Lt. Governor of the JOOI Caribbean District has once again made history as the first Jamaican and Caribbean youth to have risen this far. In 2013-14 he was the first junior from the region to serve on the International Board of Directors.
Javanni, a former member of the Fortis Octagon Junior Optimist Club (Kingston College), attributes much of his achievement to his own desire and drive to serve; but is also quick to acknowledge the exuberance of his contemporaries as well as the wisdom and motivation from the adult leadership of the Optimist International Caribbean District.
The election of the new JOOI administration was concluded at the recent JOOI Convention in San Diego, California July 5-8, 2014.

"Words cannot express how humbled, honoured and grateful I am to the delegates of our recently concluded International Convention in San Diego, California for electing me as International President for the upcoming 2014-2015 Optimist Year.
Taking over the reins from International President Stephanie Theriault come October 1 will be quite a task as she has led our organisation with poise and vision for the past year. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that the transition will be a smooth one setting the atmosphere for a successful year.
When I joined JOOI in 2011, I never imagined one day serving our great organisation at the highest level possible. Starting out as Club Secretary, I was tasked with crafting ideas for the growth of our club and this is where my love for service, administration and JOOI grew immensely. I found myself devoting so much time to the development of our club as a solid unit.
Utilising the experiences I garnered whilst serving as a JOOI Board of Director this past year, I am thrilled to expand my ideas and vision on a truly international scale. It is widely said that iron sharpens iron and JOOI has given me so much that I am eager to return the benefits gained to the over 15,000 members united to help children globally.
Thanks, again, to the thousands of JOOI members for trusting me to lead our great organisation to new heights.
In Service,
Javanni Waugh,
JOOI International President-Elect

And here is Javanni literally moments after his election in an email to one of his mentors:
Aunty Lisa!!!!!
Thank you sooooo much for your encouragement... Words can't explain how grateful I am to you for helping me reach this far in JOOI. Because of you, I am where I am today.
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much.
- Javanni

“If I can help somebody as I pass along then my living shall not be in vain” – Mahalia Jackson.
This is how I truly feel at this moment, a sense of fulfillment and happiness having heard of Javanni’s achievement. Being an optimist and having chaired the JOOI Caribbean District for almost 10 years gave me the opportunity to “help somebody” and so now I am overcome with ‘joy’ knowing that Javanni has reached thus far and will make the Caribbean JOOI District proud. His email to me reinforces why I became an Optimist and why I will continue to be an Optimist. Congratulations to you Javanni Waugh… continue reaching for the stars.
- Aunty Lisa

Monday, July 21, 2014

Governor Nutilia Happy with Support for 96th International Convention

OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL Caribbean District Governor Nutilia Simon (OC St Johns, Antigua) is expressing appreciation to all the Caribbean Optimists who made the district’s contribution to the 96th International Convention an exceptional one. From all indication, OIC Las Vegas was a resounding success.
In an email to all Caribbean Optimists the Governor says, “Your participation in person (and) online or your assistance or encouragement of another to participate, meant a lot to me”. Especially to those who made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas, the Governor had special words to them for pulling out the stops on the convention floor, and particularly for the Caribbean Night which, according to an update from Past Governor Optimist Gene M. Douglas (OC North St. Andrew), was “the hit of convention… I don’t think anyone had expected or experienced a party like that!”
In the words of the 2014 we’ve Got It Governor,
“Caribbean night – our unique way of hospitality – was a success because of you. Special thanks to…     Optimist Rosie and her Team for coordinating the collection of the mix for the rum punch; Past Governor Gene and Team for coordinating the collection of the various items made in Jamaica; Lieutenant Governor Sonia for rounding up her troupes; Past International Vice President Carol and Team for coordinating items from Barbados; Chairperson Jason and Team Antigua for executing their job with zeal – music set up (included); Optimist Yvette for sourcing prizes, rum cake, music from Barbados, d├ęcor of room, etc. (And) Not to be forgotten, the master of the mix Past International President Theo.
All who participated had a taste of the Caribbean and those who stayed left with a part of it. Your presence made the difference.”
District #78 (Caribbean) also had the second largest number of registrants (57) at the International Convention, beaten only by District #17 (Michigan) with 65. The Pacific Southeast (District #15) had 46 registrants at the July 10-12 convention held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Meanwhile, in other International Convention matters; three of the five proposed bylaws amendments failed while the other two were adopted. Among those that failed was Issue #3 which proposed a Convention Assessment Fee on all Optimist clubs.  Against some solid arguments for a NO vote, and led by the Caribbean’s own distinguished Optimists, Past International President Theodore Golding (Kingston) and Past International Vice President Carol Jacobs (Bridgetown, Barbados), that proposal failed overwhelmingly to carry
The tumultuous applause from the conference floor that greeted the announcement by President Ron Huxley (Ausable-Port Franks & Jacksonvillewas an indication of how much of a negative impact this proposal would have had on Optimist International and not just the Caribbean. As argued by some, the additional charge had the potential of totally decimating the Caribbean District.

More from Governor Nutilia’s Post International Convention Message
"To walk on stage and accept a token of appreciation for the hard work, commitment to growth to serve our children is amazing. As Caribbean Optimists we work extremely hard but we must document, we must send in our information to Optimist International. Our projects are outstanding. 
Presidents, visit the Optimist website and fill in your Presidents Pride report forms; give credit to your outstanding committed members- retention of members will be up. Work with members on PGI … your membership our membership will increase. Bring in younger members not only are their joining fees much less but they are full of energy and they are technology savvy! They will prepare the video to send off to Optimist International with creativity for the reel to reel competition. We all need to be complimented for our work, our very being... validate each other and help our District to grow.
We have just over (a couple months) to complete our 2013/14 year; let us give our new executive a legacy of growth to build on.THANK YOU All - see you in Jamaica at our fourth quarter convention."

Friday, July 11, 2014

Caribbean Junior Optimist is International Trailblazer

FORMER KINGSTON College student and founding member of the Fortis Octagon Junior Optimist Club, Javanni Waugh continues his history-making path in the Junior Optimist Octagon International (JOOI).
In 2013-14 the past Lt. Governor of the JOOI Caribbean District was the first Jamaican and Caribbean youth to serve on the International Board of Directors.
Now he has risen to the prestigious post of JOOI International President-elect becoming the first non-Caucasian to do so. The election of the new JOOI administration was concluded at the recent JOOI Convention in San Diego, California July 5-8, 2014.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Online Elections...The results are out!

So, the historic online election of International officers is over and the results have been announced. 
Our Caribbean brother from Barbados, Optimist Adrian Elcock, distinguished and outstanding Caribbean district governor and Southeast region International Vice President, did not get the votes required to put him on the International Board of Directors. 
Still we say, big up and respect to the 2013-2014 Audit and Finance Committee member for offering himself; but more importantly for demonstrating that the Caribbean can and must play a part in the democratic and governance processes of Optimist International. 
Online election is another step towards increasing membership involvement in that process; but it is also a way for us to examine the other elements of exercising our right to vote, which fundamentally is about giving our voice added presence.
Five hundred and fifty five (555) of the eligible Optimist clubs participated in the exercise and the results are as follow:
Opt. David E. Bruns
2014-15 International President-Elect: 
Dave Bruns (Topeka, Kansas)
The newly elected IPE, Optimist Dave Bruns is scheduled to address delegates of the Optimist International Caribbean District Convention (OI-CDC2014) set to run from August 9 - 10 at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa, Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

See his pitch for your vote:

Three year term to the International Board of Directors: 

Sue Creswell of Reading, Pennsylvania

Judy Boyd of Urbandale, Iowa
Opt. James H. Adams

2014-15 International Vice Presidents-Elect:

Anne Donkers (Northeast & Great Lakes) 

James Adams (Southeast)

Barbara Timmons (Mid-Atlantic)

Robert Floyd (Middle America)

Mark Claussen (Great Plains)

Al Clark (Southwest)

Linda Jackson (West Coast)

Luc Dubois (St. Lawrence)

The 7804 Optimist extend commendation to all the participating clubs as we look forward to increased participation beyond the mere 25.5% in the coming years. 
We also say to the new and incoming leaders, congratulations! We anticipate another exciting year of providing hope and positive vision to the world as we show that indeed we Optimists are truly friends of youth.