Thursday, April 26, 2012

Message from President Jack

Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012, 11:13 AM

Hi to all.  Sue and I are getting ready to go out to visit another district.  We have just come home from a visit to another district where we put in two new clubs.
I am really cranked up at this time.  I know it is hard, at times, to hear about what others are doing. However when you see it for real and take part in the event you can't help but be inspired.  For those of you who have not yet built a new club or for that matter  have not yet taken the first step.  I urge you, no I beg you, to get moving and take that first step.
I promise you that the reward you will feel inside is just plain beyond anything else you have ever done.
This is not just some more 'bull', this is for REAL! Call your club presidents tonight.  Come on do it, please!  Get the ball rolling.  I never doubted that YOU could get the job done.  Don't be the only one on stage at convention without a new club.  If you recall nothing else recall the promises you made to yourself. 
I need ALL of you , TODAY, to believe!  What can I do for you.  I truly want you to be a success.
I'm here....................for you!
John N. "Jack" Creswell
Optimist International

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Friday, April 6, 2012

To stand for the future is to stand for our children today

Let us stand up against all acts of violence against our children and young people.  
Let's stand against all forms of child abuse; regardless of what nomenclature it goes by. 
Our children are to be respected, protected and defended. 
Where is the love? 
It is our duty to give the future a chance to be a bright and fulfilling one. 
Now is the time to do the right thing; Stand up for our children today.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The beginning of the second half 2

What a great team we have in Zone 4!! Together Each Achieves More; we have indeed achieved alot for the first six months of the 2011-2012 Optimist year.  LtG. Patrick, you have steered this ship well so far and I know the next six months will be even greater.  The initiatives taken on by the leaders and members of Zone 4 have been nothing but innovative and they sure have been executed well.
I particularly liked the initiative of having the Zone Fundraiser, 'A Who A Di Don', and the Zone did show off their selling skills by ensuring we had a full house....Sell off!!!!  Our zone meetings so far have been memorable and I'm certainly looking forward to the next two.
Congratulations to CP Latoya and LtG. Patrick on their achievements for the last optimist year; they certainly reached out.  To top it off, I was so proud when I read the article in the The Gleaner (Flair) on a proud and dedicated optimist, LtG. Patrick...You Rock!
As we look on to the next two quarters I encourage the members of Zone 4 to keep the momentum and ensure the Zone 4 flag continue to fly high high high! Let us pay attention to all our obligations and ensure we have a powerful finish to the 2011-12 optimist year.
DST Heather
PLtG Zone 4
2006 - 2007 One Love Year

So far we at Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea have participated in the YAW activities,conducted our annual Christmas treat for caregivers and wards of Matthew 25:40, paid up, to date, our District and O I dues, raised in excess of USD350.00 for the O I Foundation, submitted an entry in the OI essay contest and recruited two new members.We also sponsored ten JOOI members to our First Quarter District conference and had at least four adult club members in attendance at both conferences so far.
We have published the first issue of our quarterly newsletter and have reviewed and made amendments to our Club's By-Laws.Our members lent significant support to the Zone 4 joint fundraising initiative and garnered a substantial sum to assist the Club to realize our plans for our children.
Our major fundraiser is slated for April28,2012, after which we will stage our annual health fair as our major project for the year.We are earnestly seeking funds for our ongoing Cure Childhood Cancer project and expect to lend significant support to the annual Relay For Life cancer survivor initiative. Also in the planning stages is a joint NOW (New Optimists Welcome) meeting.  We also look forward to hosting the third quarter zone meeting in May.
PGG (President Glaister Green)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The beginning of the second half

The first half of the optimist year (October 1 - March 31) has been nothing but awesome for the Zone 4 family. What a fantastic lot of people with whom to work.  We can be so proud of the time and energy we have invested in improving the welfare of our children. Every single club in the zone managed to pull off something of significance and that was so inspiring.
The pictures of the various youth appreciation activities, community service projects, club, leaders' and zone meetings tell the story of a group of Optimists who are motivated, committed and ready to pull out all the stops for the children of our beloved Caribbean District. I am particularly proud of the way the zone gelled as a unit without losing the unique dynamism of the individual clubs; how club members rallied behind their club leaders to make a difference; and of course, the level of comradeship exhibited among the leadership group.
Thanks to every 7804 Optimist for making the first half of the year so phenomenal. I look forward to an even more awesome second half.

Here are a couple comments reflecting on the past and projecting things to come:
President Janette (2nd right) and her team at Q2 Conference
The Optimist Club of Kingston Central started off the year (2012) on a good note by identifying our major project for the year. As a result members visited Arnold Road Methodist Basic school to enquire of their needs. There are 54 children on roll with 3 pre-trained teachers. They operate in a large room which has no ceiling bed and so it is very hot in the summer. There are fans which are pesently not working so we have decided to replace them. In addition we are continuing to work with the community children in and around the church, to begin homework and reading classes on April 16 - June 28, 2012 for grades 6 - 12. We are seeking text and story books to assist with the programme. Other support of furniture and storage equipment are being provided by the Church. Lastly we will be doing fund -raising activities in order to raise some money to register the club with The Registrar of Companies.
So far as a young club we have been very active and hope to continue building our success as we grow through the years.
President Janette
OC Kingston Central

My Fellow Club Mate and LTG for 2011-2012,
"I am proud to be an Optimist" and even more proud to be apart of this fabulous Zone that boasts the "Optimist of the Year 2010-2011" we have so many special people in this Zone, it is hard to mention them all in this one paragraph. The Zone continues to set a trend through current LTG Patrick who hosts quarterly "Leaders Meetings" so that the entire Zone will be on the same page at all times, the second quarter Zone Fundraiser was an huge success and I am looking forward to all the Clubs paying their dues in a timely manner.
Congratulations to the Clubs for coming out to the 2nd Quarter Conference in Montego Bay and copping the Travel Award for most Members present from a Zone. I wish you all the best in the coming quarters, I do hope we will grow as a Zone and maintain the wonderful comrade we have managed to build. I am looking forward to the great projects and the lives that we will touch.

As we continue to Journey for the Best, reaching out and touching through the power of one.
PLTG Latoya Wade