Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Messages from Governor Lynden, GE Nutilia and IVP Sonia

Let’s make things happen this year

The New Year 2013 is upon us. It is the appropriate time to examine our resolve for another 365 ¼ days.  What will it be for you?
Many things will happen outside of our control, but we will have control of many things. Depending on how you face life you will fall into one of the following categories of people; Those who say, What happened? Those who let things happen to them; and those who MAKE things happen!!
My challenge is that we aim for the third category; let’s make things happen this year.  Let us put our thoughts and talents together and make something special happen.
This begins with the individual; you have to believe in yourself. Know who you are and define your potential and exercise your special gift (we all have one).
In our Optimist service we need everyone to pool together as we seek to make a difference for our children.  We can motivate each other to greatness; as our creed states in the third tenet “make all your friends feel that there is something in them” This includes those members we deleted earlier. Can we motivate them to recommit?  Think on these things.
We have exciting days ahead so get geared up. For now I wish for all a meaningful holiday season.  Reflect on the past but gear for the future by making the present a positive experience.

Lynden Buchanan
Optimist International Caribbean District

I wish for you…strength to make the dreams of others come true.

We as Optimists have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Day twice in each year. This one however does not require an elevator speech or any further clarification.
My wish for all of us is that the mistakes of 2012 lead us to make better decisions in 2013
… That we add heaps of good health, happiness and prosperity on to the plates of all our loved ones on New Year’s Day.
That any frowns that slipped into our being last year can be escorted out and replaced by that cheerful countenance that leads us to a more fulfilling existence and allows us to see beyond our own needs each and every day.
For me this year will bring additional challenges and wonderful opportunities to get to know many of you better, and I’m looking forward to that.
As the New Year dawns, I wish you more happiness than you ever dreamed possible and enough wealth and strength to make the dreams of others come true.
May God richly bless each and every one of us.
Your governor in waiting,

Nutilia Simon
Governor-Elect 2012-2013
Optimist International Caribbean District

The power of ‘New’ is unmistakable

It seems like 2012 began just yesterday ...and yet it has been a very long year; a year filled with laughter and tears; challenges…defeats, and triumphs.  Many will be glad to see it end; but all will be glad to welcome the New Year.
The power of ‘New’ is unmistakable.  It brings renewed spirit… and hope for positive change and prosperity; greater opportunities to share and make a difference in our children’s lives.
Let’s make every day count as we develop ourselves, our children and our communities. Let’s be a bit kinder to each other; be more forgiving of ourselves and others; love more.
…and let’s find even a few minutes to:
Reflect on 2012; Give thanks for even the small mercies; Recognize that we do have regrets; accept our mistakes and ... be resolved not to make the same mistakes again.
Live, love, laugh, enjoy…
…and have a happy New Year!

IVP Sonia Anderson
OI South East Region


Monday, December 24, 2012

What does Christmas mean to you?

Governor Lynden:
For me it is making the children in my Sunday School community aware that Christmas is about Christ's Gift of love; I have for the past (almost) thirty years written and produced  the Christmas programme for Sunday School. It is my joy to give them prizes and presents as they perform their recitations and act in the Drama.
"Christmas means to me a time to live out the gift of giving as God gave His Son to bring us back in fellowship with Him; I give joy to the kids and am always blessed in return"

IVP Sonia:
Christmas …a time of fond memories of childhood and great family gatherings; a time of reflection; a time of giving; a time of love; a time of gratitude for the greatest gift of all …our Lord Jesus Christ.

PG Joe:
Family, friends and loved ones. The one time of the year when we get off the treadmill and stop and appreciate and enjoy the people that truly mean much to us.
CP Valerie:
Remembering the birth of Christ 

Sharing, love, peace and goodwill to all (especially our children)

GA Dave:
In addition to celebrating Christ's birth, Christmas is a time for family. If at no other time I feel that pull to just be with my family. All together celebrating each other and acknowledging the love and appreciation we have for each other (sometimes by exchanging tokens) by just being in each others' presence. 

     Merry Christmas, everybody...

Sunday, December 23, 2012


It's been while since we have shared on this platform; but what better time to reconnect than in this season of peace and goodwill when we all take time out to reflect on the wonderful gift of love and the message of giving.
Here is a message from our 2012-2013 Governor Lynden Buchanan:

At this special time of year I take the opportunity to wish all Optimists and their family a Peaceful and Holy Christmas.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas as it is commonly done for a number of reasons; some as a result of their religious beliefs and others for cultural or economic reasons.
Undoubtedly though the message of Christmas resounds for all to pattern; God gave the Gift of Love to the world and this Gift keeps on giving every day; it is a message of service, of giving of one’s self to the improvement of the welfare of others who are primarily unable to do so on their own. This attitude of service and giving transcends religious, cultural and economic restrictions and therefore make this particular time of year special.
My message is that we seek out individuals who are not able to improve their particular welfare and give of ourselves in such a way that will bring joy to those to whom we give.
Remember the starfish story, it didn’t cost the little girl any money, she had no religious barriers, no cultural indifference, the starfish needed help and they couldn’t help themselves. She couldn’t save all of them, but in her special effort she saved as many as she could reach.
What about you and your club? Maybe you are unable to reach out to all the children around you BUT you can reach out to some. Make a difference this Christmas; and you don’t have to celebrate the religious ritual, give of yourself in service and you will reap a distinct joy that you made a difference to someone who needed your attention.
And guess what? It comes right back to you in so many ways. 
Governor Lynden
Optimist International Caribbean District
December 2012