Sunday, October 26, 2014

The JOOI of Optimism in Barbados

A young Optimist Adriana
Stirred our souls
With a voice so fine
It was more than a 'feeling good' start
To a day that was truly fun
Filled with passion and sensitivity
Fellowship and sincerity.
Our children need us -
Fostering a child is one great way.
Service is still relevant -
Societies fail if we do not rise today
For tomorrow's better
We  must as Optimists show we care
To listen, to respect, counsels Firhana.

What a JOOI filled time to be
Gathered together for introspection
To remind ourselves of a philosophy
That teaches us always to do the best, we can
Produce more and more brightness
In and for all our lives
Try hope, optimism, yes, positivity!

Step by Step... moving onward and upward.

Thanks to all seven clubs of zones 12 and 13, their presidents and secretary-treasures, and especially, Lieutenant Governors Patricia and Margaret. You all did an awesome job in front and behind the scenes. The first quarter Barbados meeting will not soon be forgot.
A lot of opportunity for fellowship was created. So too opportunities for dealing with issues of importance to the district. GA Barry and JOOI Co-chairs in Barbados, Optimist Ann and Optimist Yvette, you guys are making such an impact on the young people of our region.
Past International Vice Presidents Carol Haynes and Adrian Elcock as well as IPG Nutilia Simon, the district can only be better with your support. Members do value your contribution and we hope you will continue to be there for all Optimists.
Big Ups to Governor Barbara and District Secretary-Treasurer Jason. It was a weekend of sharing, engagement and clean lively humor to which you all added your bit of special touch.
DST Jason, LtG Patricia and LtG Margaret

GE Patrick, IPG Nutilia, Gov Barbara
Club president Darshani, DST Jason
and LTG Margaret

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Leaders Forum 2014-15

Optimist International Caribbean District Leaders

Barbara Arrindell
Optimist Club of St John's Antigua

Patrick Prendergast
Governor Elect
Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea

Nutilia Simon
Immediate Past Governor
Optimist Club of St John's Antigua

Jason Gilead
District Secretary-Treasurer
Optimist Club of St John's Antigua

Jenelle Morgan
Governor, JOOI Caribbean District
 Octagon Club of Immaculate 

Optimist International Leaders

Ken Garner
International President
Optimist Club of Fort Worth-Breakfast East, TX

Dave Bruns
International President-Elect
White Lakes Optimist Club of Topeka, KS

Ron Huxley
Immediate Past President
Optimist Clubs of Ausable-Port Franks, ON and Jeffersonville, IN

Javanni Waugh
JOOI President

Deanna Morrow
International Vice President, Southeast Region 
Optimist Clubs of Carrollton and Optimist Xpress, GA

James Adams
 International Vice President-Elect, Southeast Region

Caribbean Leaders 
Serving on International Committees

PIVP Sonia Anderson
New Club Building
Optimist Club of St. Ann's Bay

PIVP Carol Haynes
Optimist Club of Barbados, Bridgetown

PIVP Adrian Elcock
Audit and Finance
Optimist Club of Barbados, Bridgetown

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Second Q1 District Meeting Set for Barbados

THE SECOND Caribbean district meeting for the first quarter of the Optimist International year is scheduled to unfold on Saturday October 25, 2014 at the incredible site named in honor of three magnificent West Indian cricketers, The 3Ws Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados.
Following on the successful unorthodox meeting at Hope Gardens in St Andrew, Jamaica, the planners of the Barbados gathering are promising unmatched fellowship and club changing workshops for the large number of Optimists expected to attend.
Governor Barbara Arrindell (St Johns, Antigua), Governor-Elect Patrick Prendergast (Sunset Liguanea) and District Secretary-Treasurer Jason Gillead (St Johns, Antigua) are all looking forward to an awesome weekend of Optimism in the Eastern Caribbean.
Immediate past Governor Nutilia G. Simon and Past International Vice Presidents Carol Jacobs and Adrian Elcock are also expected to join the zones 11 to 13 Optimists for their first major gathering in the Step by Step year. The weekend programme will culminate with a church service at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and a tree planting ceremony at the AC Graham Centre on Sunday, October 26.
The 3W's Oval is located on the grounds of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus and is a tribute to Barbadian cricketers Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Everton Weekes whose positive attitude on and off the field of play brought glory and hope to the region.

8:30 am


8: 50 am
Opening Session 

9:30 am
Guest Presentation
"Fostering Children" with Julia Davis (Barbados Child Care Board)

10:15 am
Workshop 1
"Money Matters" with DST Jason

11:20 am
Town Hall Panel Discussion
"Are Service Clubs a Thing of the Past?"

12:00 noon
Lunch with Governor & DST 

12:30 pm
Luncheon Speaker - GE Patrick
"Future Leaders Wanted NOW"

1:15 pm
NOW 101... New Optimists Welcome Programme

2:00 pm
General Session - Be Not Afraid!

3:00 pm
Closing Remarks

Regular & Onsite Registration Adult: US$35.00

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hope Springs from the Gardens

Hope Springs from the Gardens

Embraced by the awesome splendor
Of towering flowering trees and lush green hills;
Set against a backdrop of clear Blue Mountain sky,
The spirit of Caribbean Optimism finds retreat
In the beautiful arms of Hope Gardens.

Giving thanks and praises,
Voices of hope are raised on high:
Learning and sharing, the future springs forward;
With fun and laughter, the unity of Optimism finds new energies
On the knowledge wings of a sound and glorious past.

Return then to your bases, oh Ambassadors we are,
And convert the big dreams to small acts that will last;
Lead with purpose, oh servants of goodwill,
In the name of our blessed children,
Make the hope of Optimism footprints of the faithful.

© Patrick Prendergast
This poem was inspired by the first quarter district meeting of Caribbean Optimists held at Hope Gardens in St Andrew, Jamaica on Sunday, October 5, 2014. 
Chaired by Governor Barbara Arrindell and with engaging workshops led by PIVP Shirley Jarrett and DST Jason Gillead, the meeting had a number of youth and adult Optimists from Zones 1 - 11 engaged in fun, learning, and camaraderie with a difference. 
Another Q1 meeting is scheduled for Bridgetown, Barbados on October 25.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Treez2015 off and running

GOVERNOR ELECT of Optimist International Caribbean District, Patrick Prendergast planted his first seedling for the Treez2015 district project at Ardenne Preparatory in St Andrew on Wednesday, October 1.

GE Patrick was joined by his daughter, Jordis in planting a Pride of Barbados seedling in one of the school’s green areas just outside of the classrooms.

A second seedling was planted by grade 3 teacher, Ms. Patcine Findlator and her students. They planted a Poui (Tabebuia) which is famous for its magnificent yellow, pink or white blooms around Easter time. 

The teacher and students have promised to care for these seedlings and to track their growth into the brilliant trees they should become.

Treez2015 is an initiative of Governor Barbara Arrindell to kick start the Optimist year with something that is both symbolic of growth and demonstrable of our concern for the future. Involving children is both a demonstration of our commitment to the future and positive motivation for children to think about the preservation of the environment.

The target is to plant Two Thousand and Fifteen (2015) trees by January 1, 2015 across all the Caribbean territories in which Optimist clubs are located.

The project comes at an opportune time as Jamaica will observe its annual National Tree Planting Day on Friday, October 3, 204. Optimists and their junior counterparts will participate in activities planned for several schools across the country.

Optimist Doreen (Sunset Liguanea)
with students and teacher at Ardenne Preparatory
Seedlings for the projects are available at the Forestry Department’s nurseries for either free or at minimal costs.

See more Treez2015 activities here:

Happy New Year, Optimists!

OCTOBER 1 marks the start of a new year for us as Optimists; but even while we embark on new beginnings we must seamlessly carry on the work of bringing hope and Optimism to the world. 

Over the last year we have demonstrated as a District that indeed we have what it takes to serve our children and serve them well. I take this opportunity to acknowledge and applaud Immediate Past Governor Nutilia Simon and her team for a tremendous 2013-2014. Good job, good job!

In the coming year we must take service to even newer levels. The theme for the 2014-2015 year is Step by Step. This is a call to move forward and upward in confidence that one step at a time we can and will reach our set goals. 

Commendation to Governor Barbara Arrindell and the 2014-2015 team for taking on the duties and responsibilities of leading our great Caribbean District at this time. I pledge my support both as a member of the team and as an Optimist. We are all in this thing together and surely, together we can achieve great things.

Congratulations also to all incoming club presidents, secretary-treasurers, officers and directors. Clubs are the heartbeat of our movement. Success at the club level is critical to the well-being of the District and Optimist International. I encourage you therefore to embrace your role in full assurance that your clubs will perform beyond expectations.

As we embark on this first leg of the 2014-2015 Optimist year, I am reminded that a fundamental purpose of Optimism is “to aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world”.

Let us without hesitation then, as Optimists should, strive always to make things happen for and with the children we pledge to serve; seek to light candles of hope, compassion and understanding; and remain steadfast in our commitment to fulfilling the vision of Optimism as “the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop to their full potential”.

As volunteers we have many projects and activities competing for our limited time, energy and money; but having decided to serve, we must always be true to the best that is in us. Christian D. Larson, the author of our brilliant Optimist Creed says, “Be all that you are or can be today, and you will live in a fairer world tomorrow”.

Happy New Year Caribbean Optimists!

Patrick Prendergast
Governor Elect (2014-2015)
Optimist International Caribbean District