Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Pride of Caribbean JOOI

CONGRATULATIONS TO JOOI Caribbean District Governor Nicholas Kellyman (Wolmer’s Boys) who captured the Member of Excellence Award at the recent JOOI International Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Lieutenant Governor Javanni Waugh (Kingston College) who has been elected to serve as an International JOOI Director for the 2013-2014 year.
As Chairperson Lisa-Gaye Anderson notes, “We ought to be so very proud of our youth; and every time we get the chance, we should encourage them as they have such great potential”.

I am honoured to be given such a prestigious award… Optimism has given me a sense of purpose and has unearthed a passion for helping others that I previously never knew existed within (me)…
I will do my best to justify your choice and I will continue to make a positive impact on society. Thank you!

                                                          - Nicholas Kellyman (JOOI Caribbean Governor 2012-2013)

I am beyond elated to be elected as Jamaica's first JOOI member to the International Board of Directors!
Words cannot express how humbled and happy I am to have this honour to serve a much wider community of like-minded youth bestowed upon me.
- Javanni Waugh (2013-2014 JOOI International Director-Elect)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Caribbean District Convention - A platform for renewal and commitment

BELIEVE the clarion call at the 2013 Caribbean District Convention (August 23-25) must include, among the many other considerations that will be made, an invitation for Caribbean Optimists to do two things:  Renew our batteries so that the energy, spirit and fire for which Optimists are known would become patently manifest once again; and two, restate our commitment to service under-girded by the mission and purpose of Optimism.
Yet again, the Optimist International Caribbean District is at a pivotal stage in its evolution as a voluntary service organization and whatever decisions are made, whatever actions are taken, surely these will require both renewal and commitment. What better time and opportunity to review, renew, and recommit ourselves to this noble movement called Optimism than at district convention?
This is what conventions are designed to do – allow for clear, bold and resolute calls to action. By their very nature, district conventions are perfect platforms to foreshadow new and emerging leadership, encourage innovative thinking, and embrace creative solutions to longstanding challenges. Major decision-making confabs such as these are ready made people’s fora at which all delegates have not only the privilege but the right to air their voices and be heard.
Three quarters have passed in the 2012-2013 fiscal year and as we look forward to finishing strong in Q4, we must also reflect on the challenges past and make projections for the future. And we need not do it alone in our small corner of a club or zone; let’s all do it together as a District. Make this Optimist International Caribbean District Convention 2013 a date for renewal and commitment.

Remember now, it is up to each one of us to make the difference; but we must work together because we know that together our children get not only more but better. That is why we should all be at OI-CDC 2013 ready to recharge, renew and recommit ourselves to ‘bringing out the best in kids’. Making a difference one child at a time!
The Optimist International Caribbean District Convention 2013 - OI-CDC 2013 - will run from August 23 - 25 at the Jewels Runaway Bay Beach and Golf Resort, St. Ann Jamaica. Highlights include the Installation ceremony for 2013-2014 Governor Nutilia Simon and her team which is a traditionally glitzy affair; leadership and development training for Presidents and Lieutenant Governors; and the always thought-provoking lively and informational general sessions.