Thursday, July 26, 2012

OI Foundation thanks Sunset Liguanea

The Optimist Club of Sunset Liguanea is today getting kudos for fulfilling their promise to this year make a contribution to Optimist International Foundation (OIF) - the body that is largely responsible for the many scholarship programmes run by Optimist International.  
In an appreciation letter addressed to President Glaister and Secretary Treasurer Dahlia, the OIF says, "Without the support of people like you, Optimist International Foundation would not be able to accomplish its mission".  The Caribbean District Zone 4 club held a couple activities including a Bingo party specifically to raise funds for OIF and was able to contribute four hundred dollars (USD400) to support the organization's mission.
The tag line for the Foundation says it all - Helping Optimists Help Kids. The mission is just as clear: Seeking, receiving and managing funds and real personal property for the benefit of Optimist International and its Member Clubs in its charitable, literary and educational activities". The scholarship contests - Essay, Oratorical, and the Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - as well as the Cure Childhood Cancer Campaign are among the activities  supported by the OIF.
There are several ways to support the Optimist International Foundation. Visit the website at or talk with District Chairperson Dave (Wilson) and make your contribution today.
Way to go Sunset Liguanea! Congrats to the team.


Well done! Thanks to the persons who donated and those who worked tirelessly to raise the funds.- DST Heather DST Heather said, thank you for the continued hard work and commitment - CP Latoya

Fantastic... Great job SOCoL and congrats to Chairperson Larry - LtG Patrick

Monday, July 23, 2012

Q4 Buzz in the 7804 Family

The 7804 family of Optimists is this week launching its readiness for two main events coming up in August – Fourth quarter zone meeting set for Saturday August 18 and the Caribbean District Convention from August 24 – 26.
The Q4 Zone Meeting will be at the Caribbean District Secretariat, 36 1/2 Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5. Registration begins at 2:00 in the afternoon.  We are looking forward to the Optimism Awareness Quiz which is aimed at improving knowledge about Optimism as well as increased fellowship and camaraderie within the zone. A workshop on preparing the CPA is also on the cards.
The Power of One Caribbean District Convention 2012 is scheduled for Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa on the weekend of August 24 – 26. The 7804 family is looking to be fully represented and getting ready to cash in on the savings from early registration and no-empty-beds approach to accommodation. Pf1 CDC-2012 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica should be the strongest ever!
In the meantime (and in between time) clubs are winding up in the last quarter with a series of Personal Growth and Involvement presentations and workshops; wrapping up their community projects in anticipation of CPA submissions and Pride reports; consolidating their effort at bringing the longstanding prospective members on the roster; and ensuring that the zone is in excellent all-round standing.
Q4 is such a buzz in the family as we look towards finishing stronger this Power of One hundred percent…and then some year of Governor Dwight and President Jack.

Zone 4 – Harnessing the power of one.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reflecting... Zone 8 has coach and QB

I had a great time with Zone 8 Optimists at their Q3 meeting in Steer Town, St Ann earlier this year. I was going through some pictures and came across these taken at that May 20 meeting. I thought of sharing the reflections.
I suspect Zone 8 members are not only ensuring that they finish strong in this Power of One hundred percent...and then some" year but are also feeling quite elated as they get ready to execute the Making a Difference for the Future game plan.
Now why am I saying this? Well, the zone has both a coach and quarterback! IVP designate for the South East Region, Sonia Anderson is from St Ann's Bay and District Governor designate Lynden Buchanan is from Mammee Bay.
We in the 7804 Optimist family extend our congrats to the zone; and if the strong fellowship and camaraderie, the deep sense of unity, and passionate determination I felt at that zone meeting are indicators of more to come then all I can say is this:
What a game it shall be!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

PGI and Books - A great way to finishing stronger

THE OPTIMIST clubs of West St Andrew and Kingston, Breakfast this week completed the team building module from the Personal Growth and Involvement (PGI) programme. The session was led by West St Andrew's Sponsor President from North Portmore, Joy Crawford. The PGI is one of the best opportunity to learn more about the movement and grow as a leader and volunteer. Doing the programme is also a great way to finish the Power of One year on a stronger note and especially during the summer break from schools.
And, speaking of schools, President Shyama Bedasee and her West St Andrew team are delighted that Sangster's Book Store has finally come on board with donation of books for their library improvement project at Pembroke Hall Methodist Church Basic School. This gesture follows on the the donation from Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited which was presented to the school during child's month activities in May 2012. The contribution from Sangster's will be presented to the school at the start of the new academic year in early September.
Carlong publishes, markets and distributes educational and cultural texts for the advancement of the people, culture and traditions of Caribbean region. Sangster's is one of the largest book stores in Jamaica with over 12 branches island-wide and overseas.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Congrats to Brandon Wint

The 7804 Family is happy to extend congratulations to Brandon Wint, son of Past IVP Edwin Wint (OC Kingston Breakfast). Brandon, a member of the Graduating class of 2012,  Royal Holloway University of London, now holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Finance Economics with first class honors. We know the parents are proud of his achievement and say congrats to them as well.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The game plan for the future starts now

As the curtains came down on what seems to have been an awesome Milwaukee convention on Saturday afternoon I managed to watch a part of the President-elect address and I sure felt motivated by the team spirit he was promoting.
Again I share some of the standout points for me from the head coach, Jean-Claude 'JC' St-Longe:
The regional training for leaders is part of pushing for a regional feel in what we do
We must review the incentive programme to acknowledge every one from members to clubs to LtGs and up...people who working on the ground everyday
A coach is one who plans things to bring his team to a higher level; but he cannot do it alone
The game plan is to go out there and take it; but we must walk together to be the best we can be and to win; we must think outside the box, challenge people, be transparent, talk with people, share with others; and remember that "you are a member of a club".

As the head coach introduced his 2012-2013 officers as coaches and quarterbacks it was great to see IVP Elect for the Southeast region, Sonia Anderson (OC St Ann's Bay) and Caribbean District GE Lynden Buchanan (OC Mammee Bay) bouncing with energy across the Convention main stage. At the end of the introductions the President-designate declared: We are all part of the team "For the future - Optimists bringing out the best in kids". Let's show them what we got!... The children we serve are not thinking September 30 or October 1...the work of the team starts now!
But even more important was his reminder that "the owners of our team are the members of our clubs...The game plan is clear: together as a team we will succeed... For the future - Optimists bringing out the best in kids."
You guessed it; that's the theme for 2012-2013! I suggest you take a listen to the song "The Power of the Dream" by Celine Dion.  It should make for sweet inspiration as we get ready for the 2012-2013 year of President JC but also as a good motivation to finish strong this 2011-2012 year of President Jack Creswell.
As President Jack said in his closing comments:
What better way for us to reach out and make a difference in the life of a child...The stories, pain, and the love our children share are real and what we do as Optimists is real. The journey in Optimism is real. The big decision for us is to stop talking and start walking to make that difference in the life of a child, TODAY!. Promise yourself and the children of your communities.

Second Business Session Streaming at OI Convention

So, I did not get a chance to connect with the first business session on Friday; but the second business session on Saturday was teaming with activities, voting and reports.
Some standouts for me:
  1. The 2012-2013 International President-Elect is Ron Huxley and the 2012-2013 IVP Elect for our Southeast region is Lois S. Philbride.
  2. The Canadian Children Optimist Foundation is doing great work. Check out the foundation at While your are at it, you may want to learn about the mentorship and scholarship programme at the University of Montreal Optimist Club.
  3. The work of Optimist International Foundation (OIF) and the 147 scholarships valued at just under Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars; 28 named scholarships at over One hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars; and 20 club grants benefiting just over Five thousand five hundred children. There is also a new Executive Director of the OIF, Steve Skodak.
  4. Look out also for the OI Foundation's first ever Reel Optimism Video Campaign which starts on October 1.  It is a YouTube video competition aimed at promoting our clubs and community work for the children and at the same time stand a chance of winning a club grant. Visit for details and get ready to partcipate.
In a subsequent blog I will share some of the little I caught from the closing session and the team inspiring charge from International President Jack and President Elect Jean Claude "J.C."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

OI Convention Streaming Live

Caught a part of the opening ceremonies of Optimist International Convention live at You may want to tune in over the next couple of days (see streaming schedule below).

Here is some of what I caught from President Jack Creswell's interactive and participatory address as he brought the session to a close on Thursday evening:
Service was and remains the driving force behind our movement... Mountain top experiences were never meant to be on the mountain top forever...we need to bring the experience down to the membership and the regular man...These experiences must become motivational points in the transformation of our movement... We are never to be permitted to be satisfied with where we were or where we are; we were always on a journey into the future going from place to place to place; never really arriving at a final destination... our organization is a living breathing body with members who are never satisfied with where we are - otherwise the work we do will become harder and harder... We must constantly be looking forward... we must recommit to the organization; to take the movement on a new journey...We cannot lose the pilgrim spirit...Let's walk together to achieve our goals of service to our children...

Also noted: The Johns Hopkins University cancer research programme is just awesome! Take a look at recent news:
Check out their Ambassadors programme as well. Our movement's support continues to be tremendous.

Of course the 7804 family wants to wish CP Latoya Wade of Sunset Liguanea all the best at International Convention  as well as GE Lynden Buchanan, IVPE Sonia Anderson and all the other Caribbean representatives in the house.

Live Streaming 94th Optimist International Convention July 12-14, 2012  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, available on the Optimist International channel on Ustream (note times are Central).
July 13, 9-11:30 a.m. First Business Session
July 14, 9 a.m.-Noon Second Business Session
July 14, 2-4 p.m. Closing Business Session

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stronger and stronger for our children in Q4

July 1 - September 30: This is the last quarter of the Optimist International 2011-2012 year. This is the time when we step up our effort and ensure that we finish strong!  International president Jack Creswell has asked us to give our all for the children - 100% and then some! In the great Caribbean district our Governor Dwight Phillips continues to remind us of The Power of One. If you have not done so in a while, have not done so as yet, or even if you have been doing so regularly, I ask you to take a listen to that song from Bomshell - The power of one.
In the OI-7804 Family (Caribbean District, Zone 4) our theme is One one coco full basket...Harnessing the power of one. As a zone we have made strides in helping the Jamaican children in our schools, communities, children's homes and hospitals to have a better life.  The Optimist clubs of Kingston Breakfast, Kingston Central, Sunset Liguanea and West St. Andrew have been beacons of hope for many marginalized children across the city of Kingston and suburban St Andrew. The Optimist clubs of West Portland in Buff Bay and Scenic Castleton continue to bring rays of sunshine into the lives of our children in rural Jamaica; and in Nassau, Bahamas, the Bayfa Optimist Club is making a difference in its own unique way.
The fact is Optimism is strong in the Caribbean. Children are engaged in after-school, reading and library improvement programmes in the many schools we serve. Children living with HIV&AIDS are seeing the love of Optimists through personal development programmes. Children's homes across Kingston, St Andrew and Portland embrace our effort at keeping their wards on the right track to seeing their true potential. The faces and hearts of many children in hospitals come alive from the care extended through regular visits, the provision of needed equipment, and improved health care. All across the Caribbean our children are experiencing the results of positive thinking and positive action.
In this last quarter, we must continue to do everything in our power to bring out the best in every child we meet; we must keep spreading our wings of goodwill; and we must soar to newer heights of achievement with and for our beloved children. Stronger and stronger we become as we pull together one with the other bringing hope and positive thinking to the world.

LtG Patrick

JOOI Caribbean says thanks

LAST SATURDAY, 23rd June 2012 the annual JOOI Caribbean District's Convention was held at the Stella Maris Auditorium, 62 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8. About 70 JOOI members and adult Optimists came with their enthusiasm and spirits fully charged for what turned out to be a great day.
Grace McLean, Acting PS, MOH
In recognition of Jamaica's 50th anniversary, the auditorium was decorated in the national colours and JOOI members all decked in black, green and gold as well. The guest speaker, Mrs. Grace McLean, Actg Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education had all ears of our JOOI members listening keenly to her words of encouragement. She charged them as young persons to make a positive impact in their community and be the best they can be. Caribbean District Governor Dwight  Phillips reminded the JOOI members of the importance of staying united as ONE as together they can achieve anything.
Craig McNally
During the business session Nicholas Kellyman of the Octagon Club of Wolmers' Boys, was elected  JOOI Governor 2012-2013 and five Lieutenant Governors were ratified including two from Anguilla and Barbados.  Group Dynamic Facilitator, Craig McNally highlighting the importance of team building while media personality and host of the Lauren O Lauren Show on FLOW TV Laureen Dunn,  focusing on the topic "Transition of culture over the past 50 years” both made the interactive session so much more for the young Optimists. Congratulations were also extended to the JOOI Junior Optimists who were successful in their GSAT examinations with certificates and tokens handed out to them. Before the day ended, 12 little 'cuties' from the Edna Manley School of Dance (Junior Department) delighted our hearts with a splendid dance performance which was a great way to end the day at 5:00 pm.  
Lauren Dunn
With the kind sponsorship of Supreme Ventures, Digicel, Novelty Print Limited, Woolworth, VIM Enterprise and the Delegation of the European Union, the day was truly a success!!!. Thanks to all the Optimists without whose support the day would not have been as successful. Governor Dwight and District Secretary-Treasurer Heather Chin-Walker along with the usual JOOI Support Team, a big thank you. A very special thanks to Past Governor Gene Douglas and Chairperson Lorna Gooden.  Your personal financial contribution allowed four JOOI members, who would not have otherwise been able, to attend the convention.
Let's be resolute in our commitment to our youths.  We have a bright set of young persons, who need our guidance, nurture, and positive regard so that they can fulfill their true potential.  Let's truly demonstrate our motto and be a "Friend of Youth".

Lisa-Gaye Anderson
JOOI Caribbean District 2011-2012