Saturday, March 31, 2012


Designed by IPP Marc-Maurice of Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea

March 31, 2012 is the second Optimist International Caribbean District I AM AN OPTIMIST DAY

Time come!
Declare it now;
Say it loud
and say it proud:

The 7804 Optimist supports this initiative and wish all Optimists a day filled with nothing but the best as we seek to bring hope and positive thinking to the world.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zone 4 A Di Don...

Folks, once again, the Zone 4 family has demonstrated what team-work, commitment to purpose, and belief in our capacity to make a difference can do. Sunday evening, March 25, and all was set for an evening of nothing but the best with Audrey Reid, Ruth Ho Shing, Kadeem Wilson and the King of Comedy himself, Oliver Samuels. Who A Di Don by Oliver Samuels served up a rib-tickling, belly-bottom comedic feast for an audience of Optimists and friends who had absolutely no qualms about consuming it all.  Simply put, the play 'sell off' and so did the tickets.
We could not have asked for a better combination - an extremely funny play with quite a fare of positive messages, a full house, and a group of club leaders who surely out-did themselves as salespersons. Respect is due to all the club presidents, secretary-treasurers, and their sales teams.  Past Distinguished LtG Margaret was the team leader on this one and deserves a solid round of applause from the Zone.
At the end of the performance LtG Patrick joined the actors on stage to express his appreciation to the audience for their overwhelming support.  He also extended gratitude to the producers, Oliver Samuels Marketing and Entertainment (OSME), for allowing the benefit.  In his comments LtG Patrick underlined one of the closing lines in the production "...everything can be turned into a positive" citing how much the play echoes the spirit of Optimism.
Zone 4 has once again affirmed its theme for this year "One one coco full basket - Harnessing the power of one".  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caribbean District I AM AN OPTIMIST DAY 2012

Come March 31 Caribbean Optimists will mark the second I AM AN OPTIMIST DAY.
This is a day on which Caribbean Optimists will publicly declare their Optimism for the rest of the world to see and hear from a multiplicity of communication platforms: from Email, BBM, Facebook and Twitter to radio, television and newspaper advertisements and workplace booths and information corners.
Wherever we are and in whatever way we can on March 31 Caribbean Optimists will be ready to:
Say it, 
say it out, 
say it loud,
and say it proud: 
"I AM AN OPTIMIST because..."

CP Valerie ( and the communication team are eager to make the initiative another successful one so make a link up with the team and get on board an initiative that will both lift the profile of Optimism and improve our effort at serving the children of our beloved Caribbean region.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunset Liguanea says Farewell...

Optimist Petula Barclay, the longstanding vibes mistress of Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea, is moving on to other shores. While SOCoL members are happy for her they know they are bidding farewell to a member whose commitment and service to the club and the children cannot be questioned. She has however reminded them that "my membership remains with Sunset Liguanea and to demonstrate that I have already paid my dues for the next administrative year". Wow!
The Sunset Liguanea family is wishing Optimist Petula all the best on her new sojourn.  According to President Glaister, "The club recognizes and thanks her for her outstanding membership since 1995. Petula is just one of those endearing personalities our club seem to attract and we are going to miss her.  But as she says, she is always with Sunset Liguanea. Thanks Buddie".
Over the years Petula served the club at all levels up to Vice president and was regular head cook and bottle washer for some remarkable fellowship and fund-raising events and had a particular affinity towards the children especially those at Dare to Care and Mathew 25:40.
Walk good Vibes Mistress, Buddie #1to many, and always sweet Petula!

And all the members of Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea say:
We love you, Pet.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OC St John's, Antigua is Twenty

Let's send shout out to The Optimist Club of St. John’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and according to President Craig "in grand style". We know the Antiguan children are better off because we optimists know how to make a real difference. 
The OC St John has become an integral part of the Antiguan society and we congratulate the club for reaching this milestone. Great work guys.

Here are some of the upcoming events:
March 14, 6:30 p.m. – Club Business Meeting 

March 17, 10:00 a.m.– Oratorical Contest (Heritage Hotel) at 10am.

March 24 – Grand 20th Anniversary White Fete Night and Induction

April 24, 4:00 p.m – Retreat 

Zone 4 Shout out to OC Bridgetown, Barbados

OC Bridgetown, Barbados celebrate 20th anniversary at church
The 7804 Optimist sends congratulatory shout out to the Optimist Club of Bridgetown, Barbados on the occasion of its celebrating 20 years of bringing hope and positive thinking to the children of Barbados and by extension the Caribbean region.
The anniversary celebrations kicked off with a church service on Sunday March 11 and we look forward to hearing more about the scheduled activities. 
Big up to LtG Jo-Ann, President Richard and ST Darshani.  This is a club that boasts membership of Past Governors Carol Haynes, Adrian Elcock and Joseph Benfield.  Of course PG Adrian also served at the International Vice President level.  We feel honoured to be part of a voluntary service movement that continues to shine and wish for OCBB another 20 years of yeomen contribution to improving the welfare of our children and young people.
Big up, respect, and congrats...20 strong and counting!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Zone 4 Glowing in Possibilities

This has been another fantastic week in Optimism for me.  I am so delighted by the great projections for fund-raising and service projects coming out of West Portland; the high level of energy and enthusiasm about ensuring sustainability of service to the children of the Caribbean from Kingston Breakfast and West St Andrew; and the strong demonstration of new initiatives, emerging leaders, and potential for new members and club building at Sunset Liguanea.
The March 8 meeting of the Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea was teeming  with excitement as, among other interesting reports, the Chairpersons for New Club Building and Childhood Cancer Campaign got the membership hyped around their drives to both expand the movement and increase the chances of making lives better.  Supported by a very strong showing of potential Optimists the members of Sunset Liguanea were just glowing in possibilities especially as the nominations committee announced candidates for club president and president elect to serve the 2012-2013 administrative year. Of course, the 2010-2011 Chairperson of the Year and the club's Finance Chair, Latoya Wade came in for much praise in being rewarded for her continued excellent work at whatever level of responsibility she assumes.
Add all of that which unfolded from my four club my visits this week to the activities being undertaken by OC Kingston Central for the children of city Kingston and the heat of vibrancy being generated in the small rural St Mary community of Castleton Gardens by OC Scenic Castleton and you will begin to understand my delight. But the tremendous support being generated for the Zone fundraiser - Oliver Samuels' hit family play, Who A Di Don, set for Sunday March 25 at 5:00 p.m - is even more thrilling.  So too have been the regular dialogue with President Sandi of OC Bayfa, Nassau who is pulling out all the stops to keep the hopes of the Bahamian children alive.
Thank you all Zone 4 leaders and members for bringing hope and positive thinking to the world.  Optimism - Bringing out the best in children.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Twin Meetings; Hot Debate on Dues

The Optimist clubs of West St Andrew and Kingston Breakfast have been experimenting with a novel idea of club-twinning aimed at maximizing their resources. This twinning has been at the level of club meetings; starting with their joint Installation in Q1.  On Wednesday evening (March 7) it was another of those small but dynamic gatherings of which I love to be a part. Presidents Shyama and Camilia and their club members are all unto something here.
Of course, it was also another opportunity to give more big ups to Past Distinguished LtG Margaret for her accomplishments in 2010-2011. But what made the gathering even more special for me was the discussion moderated by ST PDLtG Al on the main issues coming out of the February 2102 Q2 District Conference: The proposal for an increase in District dues and the motion to review the number of District conferences held each year.
With Governor Dwight in the house and some interesting points being raised the debate was respectfully fierce – biting at times, revealing at others, but certainly consistent in its vigor. The Pembroke Hall Methodist church hall is a fine meeting place and I guess its openness also encourages a certain kind of vibrancy. Or it may have been that the members of West St Andrew and Kingston Breakfast were just eager to address these matters.
While there were no conclusive positions – the objective was really to get the discussion going – it was clear that there needs to be continued dialogue within the clubs about strengthening dues compliance and collection, refreshing our membership retention and recruitment tactics, finding the right motivators or incentives for our membership, addressing matters of affordability and membership commitment, and ensuring that members don't lose touch with why they opted to become an Optimist.  I look forward to hearing the discussions among other Optimists in the Zone and certainly believe that by the time our Zone Leaders and Q3 Zone meetings come around in April we will have got closer to a consensus to take to Q3 District meeting either on May 26 in Barbados or June 2 in Jamaica.
It is clear to me though that creative and innovative solutions lie within the membership of our clubs and that time may have indeed come for the leadership to be motivated by the general membership instead of the other way around. 
Thanks OCs WSA and KB for another fantastic meeting and all the best as we continue to serve the children of this great Caribbean region.
LtG Patrick
... Harnessing the power of one

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Optimist Club of West Portland

Ok, so we all know that I love Portland; but seriously, it is always a pleasure to visit our clubs and see and hear the great things they are doing for our children.
The Optimist Club of West Portland located in Buff Bay is still rocking. We are always experiencing fellowship at West Portland but on Monday evening (March 5) it was pure business and do these Optimists have great ideas and make wonderful plans!
The children of the parish, and in this quarter, especially those at The Little Folks Basic School, must be very happy to have these vibrant people at their service.  I am so looking forward to the big fundraiser in the making for Q3 and of course their recruitment of people who have been demonstrating commitment and energy to helping the young among us.
Great going President George, ST Iris and all the hard working members of the Optimist Club of West Portland.
LtG Patrick
One one coco full basket - Harnessing the power of one.