Sunday, September 30, 2012

For the future....One child at a time

OI President J C St.Onge
IVP Sonia Anderson

Gov Lynden Buchanan
DST Latoya Wade
Z4 LtG Andrea Samuels

Zone 4 - Ready for the future

I wish to take time out to say thanks to all members of the 7804 Family of Optimists who helped to make my year as LtG such an awesome experience.  We may not have made the numbers we wanted; but guess what? We are certain more children benefited from the tremendous work you have done.  You did every thing you could to ensure that the many projects all over Kingston and St Andrew, St. Mary, and Portland were of the best value and impact to as many children as we could possibly serve.
The children and young people in Pembroke Hall, Castleton, the Muirton Boys Home, Mathew 25:40 and St Andrew Girls Home, as well as the children from the environs of Coke Methodist Church down-town Kingston, the Annotto Bay Hospital, and Buff Bay, Portland know what it is to have you sharing your Optimism with them.  Boards of Directors, Officers, Club Chairs, members all: thanks for your commitment to the children and young people of our Zone, country and region.
The Zone fundraisers and work day at Annotto Bay Hospital could not have been successful without your devotion. Not to mention your contribution to and participation in the zone leaders meetings, the quarterly zone meetings, NOW meeting, and of course the District meetings at which our Zone always did well. Deepest appreciation for everything you have all done to make the 2011-2012 year such a blast of power for Zone 4.
I extend special congrats to the District officers from our zone for a year of supreme service to the movement: 
Governor Dwight and CP Andrea (Kingston Breakfast); 
DST Heather and CPs Latoya, Ken Jnr and Marc-Maurice (Sunset Liguanea);
GA Al and CP Margaret (West St. Andrew).
Allow me also a special mention of new club on the block - Kingston Central (sponsored by West St Andrew). From their Installation dinner in December to the Appreciation ceremony in September and all the work before and in between, the club has shown that it is here to make Optimism stronger. Nothing but the best to you as you grow from strength to strength.
I am extremely confident that Zone 4 will continue demonstrating our deepest commitment to the future; that we are always ready to make a difference; and remain steadfast in bringing out the best one child at a time. LtG Andrea knows we have her back and so too DST Latoya. Governor Lynden (OC Mammee Bay), you can be sure, yes, to count on the power of Zone 4!

Friday, September 28, 2012

POSTPONED - The 7804 Optimists Lyme for Charity

The Ultimate Zone 4 Lyme 
Saturday, September 29, 2012 
15 West Kings House Rd, Kingston 10
Home Sweet Home..aka, Optimist House
Kicking off at 5:00 in the afternoon...
Optimists having great fun and fellowship for charity.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Harnessing the power of one

It is indeed the last week of the Power of One year; the last week to make One one coco full basket... are you ready to bring on the power? Let us all pull together and make sure that we end the year as strong as we possibly can...and I am thinking that all it takes is JUST ONE!
I wonder what would happen if all members to do this one thing: Take time out to call a club president, a club member, a friend, a prospective member, and give him or her that word of encouragement; that one word that may just make that difference in our clubs ending the year even stronger. It may be that one word that leads your club to be fully paid up to OI and District; that one word that leads to registering that one new member needed to bring your club honor status; that one word that may just swing the recognition for all the tremendous work you have done your way. I wonder what would happen if you just do that today...make the call and the make the difference. Let's bring on the power! Let's end the year stronger!
This is a great zone with awesomely committed members who have done yeomen work. Let us all celebrate our deep sense of purpose, our unwavering dedication to the children of our zone, and our unending desire to make this world a better place. I thank you all for doing everything you can to make our clubs, zone, District stronger and the the future brighter.

Coming up this Saturday, September 29, 2012
The Ultimate Zone 4 Lyme 
An afternoon of great games, sumptuous food, remarkable fellowship with members friends and supporters... and It's also part 2 of our benefit for the Annotto Bay Hospital Fund.

LtG Patrick
...Harnessing the power of one

bring on the power?
make that difference  
fully paid up to OI and District
register that one new member 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Optimist Club of Kingston Central marks anniversary with awards ceremony

District Convention 2012
The Optimist Club of Kingston Central on Friday evening, September 21, 2012 celebrated a year of achievement with a special appreciation meeting. The awards ceremony served as platform to both report on the awesome work they have done as a young club in the movement and to acknowledge those who have made it possible.
President Janette's summary of the year included work with the basic schools and a homework programme; their participation in the Personal Growth and Involvement (PGI) programme; representation at all Zone and District meetings; and their brave move to be a registered non-profit organisation. Of curse, they are looking forward to the Community Projects Award (CPA) submission of their project at Arnold Road Basic School.
Among those recognized:
PG and International Field Officer, Dr Ron Bourne (OC Spanish Town) who reminded the audience of club members and supporters the importance of service to our children, the value of growing in Optimism, and the significance of fellowship and networking.
PDLtG Margaret Wright (OC West St Andrew) expressed pride and joy in seeing the club grow from strength to strength and making such impact in such short time; and GA Al Johnson (West St Andrew) for being brother, uncle friend and constant guide. Both are credited as Builders of Excellence for their establishment of the OC Kingston Central.
Superintendent, Coke Circuit of Methodist Churches, Rev Bruce Swapp and Mrs Norma Wynter and Camille Fearon, as well as teachers, Ms Veronica Coward and Mrs Eulalee Taylor.
Guest Speaker was Governor Designate Lynden Buchanan (OC Mamee Bay) gave an inspiring delivery on leadership lessons to be learned from wolves and how these may be applied to both our personal lives and the work we do as Optimists.

Usually when people think of wolves it is in the negative; but here GD Lynden was bringing a positive spin. Using a video The wisdom of wolves - Leadership lessons from nature to underscore his presentation the 2012-2013 Caribbean District Governor highlighted how teamwork, strategic communication and mobilization of resources, doing the best at whatever the task or responsibility, and loyalty and commitment to the mission of Optimism can make a difference.  The children are indeed the future! The Caribbean District theme for 2012-2013 is Making a difference - One child at a time

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The JOOI of Coastal Clean up 2012

Here we share the Junior Octagon Optimist International (JOOI) Caribbean District's effort at Fort Clarence Beach in Hellshire, St Catherine as part of the International Coastal Clean-up Day 2012. Our young people sure know how to give 100% and then some... This is an edited report.

International Coastal Clean-up Day 2012 Report

Upon entering the Fort Clarence Beach in St. Catherine, one could see the pieces of garbage lying around waiting to be disposed of properly. With volunteers trickling in and the spirit of optimism kicking in, work started just after 10am.
Approximately 55 volunteers from the Octagon Clubs of WolInternational Coastal Clean-up Day 2012mer’s Boys School, Wolmer’s Girls School, Jamaica College, Kingston College, and Convent of Mercy (Alpha) Academy, Calabar High, Meadowbrook High and Immaculate Conception High schools joined their efforts in cleaning up the Fort Clarence Beach. Two main groups were formed; Team Ackee for the left side of the beach and Team Saltfish for the right. The groups were named after the national dish of Jamaica; Ackee and Salt fish. These groups were further broken down into three ‘crews’; Plastic, Glass and Paper. There was much appreciated assistance from two members of the beach staff.
The highlight of the cleanup exercise had to be the unusual items found. Fan blades, cooking oil containers and household cleaning agents topped the list! By 1:00pm, we had cleaned the majority of the beach. The groups got rave reviews from tourists, business owners on the beach, visitors and workers. One personnel stated that we ‘went where others wouldn't go’.
The day was an absolute success thanks to the efforts of the JOOI community and supportive parents, club members, JOOI Caribbean District executives, as well as the staff at the Fort Clarence Beach. JOOI District Chairperson Lisa-Gaye Anderson had this to say: The turnout was encouraging and confirms that you [volunteers] are truly dedicated to the JOOI movement and what it stands for.  As a group we cannot do it all alone, but with our 'little bit', we can feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that, as young persons, we played our part in helping to create a cleaner environment.
Beaming with optimism that the coastal crisis will be someday no more, everybody felt proud and invigorated by cleaning up man-made debris as this was their way in contributing to enhancing the welfare of the whole human race.
- Javanni Waugh (Fortis Octagon Club of Kingston College)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tampa is already calling

Optimist International vice president - designate for the Southeast region, Sonia Anderson is already rallying the troops for Parallel District Conference this coming November in Tampa, Florida. Here we share from her latest email to the Caribbean District.

My Caribbean Optimist family: I hear your name…Tampa is calling you! After a break last year, Parallel District Conferences are back!  President J.C St Onge believes that it is the best way to maximize our resources and have the best training, great facilities, and of course, fun and fellowship!  I agree with him.
Optimists from North Florida (60), South Florida (61) and the Caribbean (78), will have a joint conference  in Tampa from Friday, November 16 to Sunday, November 18, 2012.  It will be our mini International convention.
In many ways this conference is more affordable than our trips to (the) Caribbean islands for district meetings - if it’s not in your territory. So, it's an opportunity to get pumped up on some Optimism and to get in some shopping - before and after the conference, of course.
Better news still; the conference hotel is The Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore and the rates are per room per night for up to four persons! So you could be spending about $25.00 per night for your hotel room!! Details regarding reservations at the Optimist rate will be announced soon; but note that the hotel has extended its special rate for two days before and after the conference.

Enjoy complimentary transportation to the airport and destinations within a three-mile radius, including over 300 shops and restaurants. Plan a shopping trip to the International Plaza and Bay Street, just across from the hotel, or Westshore Plaza Mall complex, only a mile away.  Tampa also boasts an impressive cultural infrastructure and is home of the famous Busch Gardens. There is much to see and do in Tampa.  In a short while you will be able to go to this link to register and get more information on the PDC: We encourage you to register online so that we can benefit from the incentives that OI has to offer.  As you get the call indicating that everything is in place, please go ahead and register and also book your hotel room.
Tampa here we come!
One love… as we make a difference one child at a time!

Sonia Anderson

IVPD  South-East Region

Monday, September 3, 2012

Post District Convention 2012 (Two)

Optimist International Caribbean District Installation Ceremony August 25, 2012 at the Sunset Jamaica Grande....

DST Heather, LtGE Paula, DSTD Latoya and LtGE  Claudette

Making a difference - One child at a Time Governor Designate, Lynden Buchanan

LTGE Lou-Ann and CP Norman 

PIVP Jim doing his thing

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post District Convention 2012 (One)

I am just now getting around to a post on the Caribbean District Convention 2012; now I don't even know where to start. Anyway, I am going to do a few installments on this one; starting with the fun and fellowship which kicked off the weekend conference Friday evening (August 24), the Governor's reception.
Sunset Kingston
This was a Jamaica50 themed event and what a wonderful exposition of talent within our Optimist clubs there was! 
Golden Lydford
Sunset Kingston had a suite of Jamaican folk songs with the dramatic CP Faith out front, President Claude of UWI Mona shared his own sonnet on Jamaica at Fifty, and Kingston was represented by master drummer CP Trevor. Not to be done were the representatives of Monegue, Mammee Bay, and the special skit prepared by Golden Lydford - all of whom had to compete with IPG Joe (Bridgetown-Barbados) who offered up
the Miss Lou classic Love Letta. 
Friend of Optimist Benny and retiring Sergeant@Arms Clive Savage made sure the comedy had its share of the night and it was just sheer fun to see and hear Jamaican folk songs done in standard English.
Yours truly had the privilege of guiding the evening's proceedings as Master of Ceremonies.